At First West, we work together to create a culture that enables employees to thrive, to grow professionally and to lead in our communities. Through this approach and the First West business model, we’re keeping jobs in communities across B.C. and creating meaningful career opportunities.

41,378 hours dedicated to learning


employees reached new levels of Lean certification, representing 3,606 hours of Lean training across First West

240 growth opportunities taken

53 employees attained new roles of similar responsibility, 187 employees were promoted into roles with greater responsibility and 30 employees took on the challenge of leadership roles

Flourishing careers, thriving members

Flourishing careers, thriving members

Our commitment to learning creates opportunities for employees to grow their careers, grow professionally and master the art of providing remarkable service.

1,555 work days volunteered
First West employees spent 11,663 hours helping those in need and building our communities in 2016.

26 inter-regional moves

Our multi-brand model allows employees to explore career opportunities in another of our three regions.

40 referrals hired

40 out of 139 employee referrals were successful candidates for First West career opportunities

Remarkable experiences, simplifying members’ lives

Remarkable experiences, simplifying members’ lives

Through a combination of on-the-job learning, certification and coaching, we help employees become their best, equipping them to simplify the lives of our members.