Financial highlights

In 2016, we achieved exceptional results despite a prolonged low interest rate environment, intense competitive pressures and rapid technology advancements.

$9.5 billion
total assets increased 9.2%, or $805.3 million

$7.5 billion

loans to members increased by 4.7%, or $335.0 million

$8.4 billion

deposits from members increased by 10.9%, or $829.9 million

Subsidiary revenue vs. Credit Union revenue ($ and % change)

Subsidiary revenue vs. Credit Union revenue ($ and % change)


“First West remains a top-performer in the most challenging economic period in recent memory. Our unique model and strategies continue to give us strength and position us for success as we lead amidst new marketplace realities.”

Thomas Webster, CFO

$35.2 million
income before tax decreased 0.8%, or $0.3 million

7,093 new members

Membership grew by 2.84% in 2016, bringing our total net new members to more than 40,000 since 2010

$2.0 million

invested in building healthier communities through our community giving activities, bringing our total to $12.2 million since 2010

Performance Indicators

First West Credit Union Membership Growth