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At First West, we work together to create a culture that enables employees to thrive, to grow professionally and to lead in our communities. Through this approach and the First West business model, we’re keeping jobs in communities across B.C. and creating meaningful career opportunities.

Room for growth

Room for growth

23% of employees took on new growth opportunities in 2018.
268 employees were promoted into roles with greater responsibility while 114 attained new roles of similar responsibility.

58% internal hires
Employees were the successful candidates for more than half of all internal and external career opportunities

700+ employees enrolled in certification programs

Our 11 award-winning internal certification programs support the development of our banking and insurance employees

24 hours of learning per employee

Employees engaged in 42,600 hours of training in 2018, including 6,060 hours of Lean training

678 employee referrals

Employees at First West are proud to refer candidates for career opportunities—we hired 50 professionals from quality referrals in 2018

Flourishing careers, remarkable banking experiences

Flourishing careers, remarkable banking experiences

Our commitment to learning creates opportunities for employees to grow their careers, grow professionally and master the art of providing remarkable service.

Through a combination of on-the-job learning, certification and coaching, we help employees become their best, equipping them to simplify the lives of our members.

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Healthy workplaces to bring out the best in everyone

Healthy workplaces to bring out the best in everyone

Creating a healthy, vibrant and inclusive workplace is a top priority for us. We believe in creating environments in which everyone can thrive, enabling positive mental health, igniting innovation, inspiring performance and creating opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential.

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